Aomaso Gate Check Seat Storage Bag With Shoulder Straps Fits Car Seats, Child Seats, Pushchair, Booster, Infant Carriers and Wheelie for Travel Airplane Flight- Red

Safe and sound
Protects car seat booster seats and wheelie car seat away from dirt and germs. No matter you are enjoying travelling with your family or taking a business trip outside, a comfy seat for you, just for you, is absolutely a must have, not even considering the safty of your children. Let specific car seats take care of you and your loves, let Aomaso take care your car seat.

Tough yet beautiful
A bag is on earth a bag, it needs to be tough enough for storage. However, Aomaso believes a storage bag can also be eye-catching. We have been testing many times to get balance between reliability and beauty, and Aomaso Car Seat Bag is the answer.

Car Seats, Booster Seats, Infant Carriers
Not only volume matters
Volume is important but not only volume matters on a bag. Aomaso car seat bag has a mouth widely open to make sure it fits almost all car seats, booster seats and infant carriers!

Save your strenth for more
Unique designed shoulder strap spares your effort by making what you carry feels lighter. Imagine how relaxing and happy you are when you carry a solid bag without worrying it tears!

More details
Look at the handle, the nameplate bag and the shoulder strap – Aomaso is always trying to bring your the featured product by careful and prfessional design. Your satisfaction is our priority. Please enjoy!

Product Features

  • Volume is 33.5 * 18.1 * 18.1 inch (L*W*H) contains most kinds of seats, boosters and even infant carriers and wheel chairs! Britax, Graco, Baby Jogger and Concord, just make sure the size of your chair or seat is within Aomaso storage bag
  • Protects infant carrier or car seat from dirt and germs. In fact you can put everything besides seats and chairs in the bag and keep them neat.
  • Easy to pack and unpack with non-removable container bag. The surface of both the bag and the container is waterproof.
  • Identifies your storage bag wtith bright red color and crystal plastic card holder.
  • Convenient All-In-One Convertible Design With Attached Storage Pouch.

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3 Responses to Aomaso Gate Check Seat Storage Bag With Shoulder Straps Fits Car Seats, Child Seats, Pushchair, Booster, Infant Carriers and Wheelie for Travel Airplane Flight- Red

  1. Chris says:

    Perfect for when travelling or for storage! Perfect for when travelling or for storage! The bag is prefect for protecting your baby/infant seat from dirt while travelling on planes, and is also ideal for storing a baby seat between children!The bag comes in a pouch (attached to the rest of the bag so you can’t loose it!) with a grab style handle on one edge. This is nice and small (approx 23x23x6cm) so doesn’t take too much room. Undoing the zip and you can unfold the main section of the bag. The bag itself is more than big…

  2. Amazon Customer says:

    Love this bag!

  3. The Person says:

    Well made organiser with a lot of pockets. QUALITY AND FINISH:- This organiser is mostly made of waterproof fabric.- Stitching seems fine. It feels strong and there are no loose strings.- Zip is fine and does not get stuck- The colours are rich and exactly like on product photoPOCKETS:There is a huge amount of pockets making organising and storage really easy. Most of the pockets have waterproof rubbery fabric lining to prevent form spillage and are easy to wipe off.Cleaning:-…