Baby carriages High View Foldable Anti-shock Elastic Convenience Bi-directional Bassinet and Seat Travel System Stroller , khaki

Type: four wheel strollers

Feature: switchable

Material: steel tube

For ages: 1-3

Weight: 25kg

Colors: red, blue, pink, purple, Khaki, colorful

For seasons: four seasons available

Easy to carry, wonderful close seconds to open, two-way push-pull

Lying, more sleeping baskets, safe and reliable

Five-point harness, large capacity dual basket

Shift stand-up, convenience, hygiene, do not take up space

Folding easy shift to drag force

High landscape far away from the exhaust, view more

Soft wear solid wheels, precision bearing freely without noise

Million security test, high standard skeleton and joints

Durable, high-quality PP plastic, safety and tasteless, no noise

Product Features

  • Function: can be changed; Material: steel; Weight: 10KG
  • Applicable age: 1-3 years; load: 25kg
  • Easy to carry, wonderful closing seconds open, two-way push-pull
  • Five-point seat belts, high-capacity double shopping basket
  • Close the car can be standing, convenient, health, does not account for local

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