Baby Crib Mobile Bed Bell Toy Holder Kids Music Box Arm Bracket 5Pcs Set

The Installation Process:
1.Insert the curved pole into the fixed pole, combine support frame and basic frame together
2 insert the screw to the hole under the supporting frame and turn right, at the same time the fixed parts into fixed screw hollow place until clamping children’s bed tight
3 Put battery into the music boxes then fix it to the gap under the supporting fram
4 Hang dolls to curved hook below the music box then finished
Height: 88cm
Weight: 350g
Material: Environmental-Friendly ABS plastic cement
Package: Pedestal, Straight Pole, Curve Pole, Mobile Box, Cross-Shape Pole

Product Features

  • Baby crib mobile bed bell Arm Bracket Set, suitable for your baby bed and stroller
  • Made of ABS Plastic and Premium plush cloth, non-toxic and strong enough, babies would enjoy the toy time safely
  • Easily to asemmble from crib to stroller, scroll down to see the installation process
  • 360 ¡ãrotating design, rotating automaticly to the help babies to sleep, parents can adjusted to any angle, no longer worry about removing it even when diapers changing
  • With beautiful songs and melodies helps your baby easier to fall asleep or let baby enjoy various music, the music could also inspire your baby’s brain for learning and critical listening skills, , creativity and coordination

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