Baby Crib Musical Mobile Plush Cot Stoller with Hanging Cartoon Bed Bell Toys and 20 Melodies

The Installation Process:
1.Insert the curved pole into the fixed pole, combine support frame and basic frame together
2 insert the screw to the hole under the supporting frame and turn right, at the same time the fixed parts into fixed screw hollow place until clamping children’s bed tight
3 Put battery into the music boxes then fix it to the gap under the supporting fram, and then hang the flannelette umbrella to curved hook below the music box
4 hanging dolls to the rope below the umbrella then finished
Weight: 0.96kg
Size: 45*10*38cm
Material:ABS Plastic Premium plush cloth
Age for: 0-12 months

Product Features

  • Made of ABS Plastic and Premium plush cloth, non-toxic and strong enough, babies would enjoy the toy time safely
  • Colorful plush animal and soft touching help kids overcome the anxiety and stay happy, never feel lonely even without mother around
  • Easily to asemmble from crib to stroller, scroll down to see the installation process
  • 360 ¡ãrotating design, rotating automaticly to the help babies to sleep, parents can adjusted to any angle, no longer worry about removing it even when diapers changing
  • With 20 beautiful songs and melodies helps your baby easier to fall asleep or Let baby enjoy various music , the music could also inspire your baby’s brain for learning and critical listening skills, language and literacy, creativity and coordination

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