Baby Cute Music Plush Activity Crib Stroller Soft Toys Hanging Rabbit Star Shape

Package Including:1pcs This toy can be hung on the front of the stroller carrycot or cot. very pretty shape, with the pet in very soft velvet. Music Box slowly rotating; creates a circular motion and lullaby the child to make him sleep. Soft, padded, perfect gift for a newborn. Excellent choice for decorating the cradle.

Product Features

  • Music box slowly rotates decor in a circular motion and helps your baby gently to sleep
  • Shape is very cute, the small animal is made of velvet material that feels super soft and harmless.
  • Developing baby’s tactile senses and hand eye coordination naturally Perfect toy for the car seat, baby carrier or crib
  • Easy to wrap around car seat handles, for most strollers and cribs
  • Soft and stuffed, best gift for a Newborn baby

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