Baby Dreamtime Blanket in 6-LAYER 100% Cotton Muslin. Exceptionally soft and BREATHABLE (Monkey 105x105cm)

Machine Wash with Similar Colors You can machine wash your muslin blanket. The ideal temperature for wash would be between 30-40 Degree Celsius. Swaddle blankets can be washed occasionally in hot water at 60 Degree Celsius, but we do not recommend this on a routine basis as this weakens the cotton fibres. Generally washing at 30-40 Degree Celsius is ideal. Cleansing Product and Drying When needed an Oxygen Stain Remover can be used. Regular bleaching product will weaken the cotton and is not recommended. To dry the blankets air dry or tumble it on low heat. Any excessive heat on the natural fabric might loosen the threads. Being as much gentle to it as possible is always the best way of taking care for these blankets. Never Iron Muslin and other such blankets are designed to have creases. Ironing will make the fibers stiff and the blankets will lose the softness. Good news, no ironing. If the muslin blankets are cared for the way described, they are sure to have a long journey with your baby, and your family as well. High Quality Imported. Made in China.

Product Features

  • Excellent for baby and newborn’s sensitive skin. Experience this BEAUTIFUL muslin blanket, Perfect for your baby or as a great gift.
  • Machine Washable. This blanket is durable, and gets softer with every wash! It is light weight and super breathable, perfect for summer.
  • Also can be used as a highly absorbent towel, perfect for fast toweling down of your little one, before they get cold and WITHOUT LEAVING MOISTURE BEHIND!
  • Cotton muslin is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, for health and comfort
  • Pack of ONE 100% Cotton Muslin Blanket. Choose a character and enjoy at nap-time, bed-time, and bath time, shower time as a super absorbent towel, breathable wrap or stroller blanket!

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One Response to Baby Dreamtime Blanket in 6-LAYER 100% Cotton Muslin. Exceptionally soft and BREATHABLE (Monkey 105x105cm)

  1. Martina says:

    Beautiful as a gift or as a treat for your own baby