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For your stroller, it was clear you needed a drink holder, bottle holder, cup holder. Finally, you wanted to walk through the streets chic and always casually grab the coffee in the cup holder.

They are happy to finally have to hold the mug in hand and now again both hands on the car to have.

Perfect to bring yourself something to drink or just to have the baby bottle at hand. You can attach it wherever you want, because it can turn it as you need it.

The cup can be quickly and easily attached to the stroller and does not bother when folded together, for example. For transport in the car.

It can be attached to the appropriate position of the linkage on the stroller. Very fast and easy to install.

The cup holder is very high quality processed, stable and adjustable in all conceivable ways.

When unpacking you did not come across an unpleasant odor or so.

The cup holder is supplied in 2 parts incl. Well-explained instructions and is ready to use by simply plugging.

Product Features

  • Optically very well processed. Material very noble. Super easy to use It makes it super fun to use and it makes everyday life easier.
  • We have children’s bottles from different manufacturers in use and all go in. The cup holder can be attached to almost all tubes that are housed, from the stroller on the handlebars of a bicycle to the wheelchair.
  • It is well made, no sharp edges. Whether baby bottles, beverage cans or bottles, the adjustable holder fits almost every bottle. The bracket can be easily and quickly attached and removed with a quick-release screw.
  • The attachment mechanism is to be unscrewed with a wheel and attached to a round or flat bar on the stroller or buggy. An anti-slip coating ensures stability.
  • Due to the flexible rubber insert, narrower and wider containers are secure and strong. In the bottom of the holder is a hole, which is e.g. Rainwater or other

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