Baby Stroller Pram HOOK Pushchair Hooks Carrier B child cart car accessories

Name: baby cart hook
Color: Black
Material: plastic
Specification: 2 loading
Parcels include: 2X baby cart hook

Product Features

  • our handy 2 pack pram hooks have generous straps that will fit all well-known buggies, pushchairs or strollers, so there’s no need to worry if it will fit yours.
  • useful, versatile clips, to give you extra hands when out with your baby or child. Not big and bulky, they can be kept in your pocket or bag for ready for whenever you need the extra help. Hold your change bag, book bags, lunch bags, coats, toys and dirty nappy bags.
  • They are a must have for parents on the go! MANY MORE USES – can also be used in cars, bicycles, wheelchairs, walking frames, shopping trolleys, with dog leads and more!
  • with a simple velcro strap, they are super easy to use – pull the velcro apart and attach anywhere you need it on your buggy, on the foam handle or directly on the stroller frame. Pop your items on the hook so you can concentrate on navigating your stroller.
  • Name: baby cart hook

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