Battery Fans Clip Fans Desk Portable Quietness Adjustable for Stroller/Home/Office (Pink 5″)


Speed Adjustable
Angle Adjustable 360 degrees without dead ends
Rechargeable battery, environmental friendly
Portable clip to anywhere
Unique design, attraction
Solid structure, stable and reliable
Powerful functions and simple operation
A variety of power supply
Long life battery

It is a very decent fan that clips to a table, desk or table leg or anything else that is within the size of the clip. (2.5″”)
It rotates around and tilts up and down allowing you to put the air exactly where you want.
Quite lightweight, and between the wide clip and the adjustable fan angles the clip is pretty strong.
Free to turn down or turn up air volume speed which can be adjusted using the switch on the back.
This is a true portable fan as it allows you to operate with no direct power supply for up to 6 hours.

3.Gear adjustment:stepless adjustment
4.Input voltage:DC 5V
5.Output voltage:DC4V-6V
6.Output current:0.35A-1A
7.18650 Battery voltage:3.7V
8.Effective distance:Is smaller than 2m
9.Power supply:USB/18650 Lithium battery


1. Please do not use the battery fan while in charging;
2. Please take the 18650 battery out during the USB mode;
3. Please turn off the battery fan and take out the 18650 battery if you do not use for a long time;
4. Please make children use under the adult’s accompany.
Package includes:
1 x 360 Degree Rotation USB or 18650 Battery Powered Portable Fan
1 x USB cable
1 x user manual
1x battery

Product Features

  • Since it runs off 18650 battery about 2-4-6 hours according to different speed and charges off USB, we can use it anywhere we need
  • The USB connectivity allows you to power it from a computer, a portable USB solar panel or any wall socket with a USB power adapter. It provides a great breeze
  • It easily and securely attaches to just about anything including the carrier handle or on anything has a ledge like a table, a chair, a pole, a baby stroller, your tractor mower while you’re cutting grass, your work table in the garage
  • The fan will swivel and angle up or down–both actions able to do a 360 degrees just adjust the angle to it whichever way you want. The wind speed can be adjustable when it was powered by battery, when powered with usb cable it has a stable wind
  • Unique and attraction design, has features of portability, green energy, environmental friendly, low power consumption, strong wind power

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2 Responses to Battery Fans Clip Fans Desk Portable Quietness Adjustable for Stroller/Home/Office (Pink 5″)

  1. Katyjam says:

    This fan has many fans. The weather has been so hot this past couple of days, we’ve got strategically placed fans all around the house. This one currently resides on the study desk. I have found the answer to the humid problems at night time and this little USB powered fan is just perfect for keeping me cool without being annoying. We have a rotating fan in the bedroom and it can get irritating but it is good during sleep however sometimes I just want to train some air on my face and for that, this little black fan…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I realise that these are intended to be personal, desktop fans, but I was hoping that a couple of them might cover my 12 x 9 ft study. It is a neat little package and can be placed just about anywhere with the spring-loaded clip. I especially like that fact that it is battery powered, so I can put it wherever it works best and not have to worry about trailing power leads. It works well for personal cooling when I am sitting at my desk.Haven’t had the chance to try it in hot weather yet, but it…