Bebamour Universal Baby Carrier Cover for Winter Warm Rain Cover (Dark Purple)

Bebamour Universal Baby Carrier Cover for Winter Warm Rain Cover

The Bebamour baby carrier cover can be used with all of our baby carriers and has a protective, detachable hood that allows the child to face both forwards or towards you while in the baby carrier. You can also use it when baby on the cart seats,the perfect accessory for keeping your baby warm and dry when it’s cold and wet outside.

1. The baby carrier cover has 3 Colors. You can choose any one colour you like.
2. It can be fit for most kinds of baby carrier, such as ergo, tula, babybjorn etc. Take it easy to use it.
3. It usually suits for baby whose age is about 0-3 years old. There are zippers on each side for legs to go through. Besides, its length is long enough to protect a toddler to go into and cover his/her legs.
4. The baby carrier cover is water repellant, but we don’t recommend that you use it in the rainy day or access to water for a long time for that is not good for baby.
5. It can be handwash or machine washing. We suggest that handwash will be better, because handwash will be protect the attachments well.

Product Features

  • SNUG – The material is used Nylon outshell which has water repellent treatment, the inside is polar fleece which is warm and lightweight (The item only 0.35KG). This designed can make baby feel cozy and snug in winter or cold day.
  • UNIVERSAL – The baby carrier rain cover can be adjusted. It is suitable for each style of baby carrier, such as baby bjorn, ergo, bebamour, or any baby carrier style.
  • FUNCTIONAL – The head cover is reversible and flexible. The cover can be used both when your child facing you or facing forward. And you can lift your baby out of the baby carrier without removing the cover.
  • CONVENIENT – There is a front pocket for parents to keep hands warm or put some daily small usings. The bottom zipper is for child to get legs out. If baby feel hot, you can open the bottom zipper. If baby cold, you can close it so that baby will feel warm.
  • PRACTICAL – The baby carrier warm cover is suit for baby who is from 0-5 years old. Not only can you use it as a baby carrier cover, but also it can be used in the pushchair, buggy, pram or when jogger with your baby.

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3 Responses to Bebamour Universal Baby Carrier Cover for Winter Warm Rain Cover (Dark Purple)

  1. TJ says:

    Really lovely inexpensive cover. Excellent sling cover and pram /buggy footmuff. I used it over my sling all winter and over the pram in spring. The purple colour is lovely.The cover is easy to attach with one clip around the back of you /pram and one clip either side of the sling straps which hook around. Although, the side straps don’t need to be used as the strap around the back is sufficient to hold the cover in place. The hood is ideal for little ones, especially if they don’t like hats or you forget theirs,…

  2. tw says:

    Perfect for winter! Really lovely inexpensive cover.I used this baby carrier cover yesterday to wear my son on my back and front. See pic for front carry (in a Connecta). My son is a large 2 year old with long legs and these fit into the cover nicely and kept him very warm (especially needed as he was just in socks as his boots were muddy).As long as you’re using an ergonomic carrier (such as an ergobaby, manduca, connecta, stretchy/fabric wrap, etc) which fully supports baby’s legs and keeps…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had been avoiding using my carrier this winter b/c I was worried that it was too cold. As soon as I saw this cover, I was sold. It has been great, we’ve been out in the rain and even snowed on. We both stayed warm and dry. I have only used my lillebaby front facing, and had to attach the cover using a mirror the first couple times. I’m not sure I could manage to attach it if I was using the carrier on my back. The hand warmer pocket is good for keeping your hands warm, but I wouldn’t use it…