Besrey Baby Stroller Lightweight Fold Pushchair(Dark Green)

3 colours available: Dark Green/Grey/Pink
Item Net Weight:6.8KG
Maximum weight can hold: (15KG)

Additional details:
1.Lightweight stroller suitable for babies from Birth.(suitable for baby from 0-36 months)
2.5 point harness, adjustable sitting belts, removable padding, detachable front bar and canopy, swivel/lock wheels.
3.Comfortable and adjustable – sun roof and backrest can be dismantled and washed,you can watch your baby through sun roof at any time
4.Large shipping basket under seat.
5.Only 5KG, very lightweight, great idea for traveling, going outside with baby.
This is so lightweight foldable buggies! It is easy to drive owing to the all around 4 swivel wheels. It is safely and easy to stop by stepping on the button of 2 back wheels. Adjustable sitting belts ensures your baby will be comfortable and safe. Canopy is detachable to wash. And the front bar skin is also easily detachable to wash. In addition, This pushchair can be fold with 1 hand if you have enough strength. The narrow dimensions and the compact fold saves space whether you’re home or away. It make it a great choice for shopping trips.

1. Ensure all the locking devices are engaged before use. Check that the pram baby or seat unit attachment devices are correctly engaged before use.
2. Never leave the child unattended while is in the stroller. Make sure not let the baby crawl out from the bar or stand in the stroller.
3. Do not use the stroller when the road is not smooth; never keep the stroller near the stove and the similar dangerous places.
4. Do not lift the stroller when the baby is in.
5. This product is not suitable for running or skating.
Other warnings please check the instructions and you can also see how to use the stroller with instructions.

Product Features

  • Adjustable footrest – The footrest can be easily adjusted, so that your child can comfortably sleep at noon.
  • Multiple position reclining seat,the pushchair can be adjusted in both stable positions: lying and sitting position with a comfortable system – adjustable with a hand movement.
  • Adjustable sitting belts,Besrey Baby stroller is suitable for baby from birth
  • Extra safety and high visibility at night with the reflective strip on the frame and the seat belt
  • Saves space – the car is collapsible. If you are not using the car, fold the car together as the picture

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