Biddy Adjustable Pram & Push stroller chair hooks – Rotating – Universal, firm and high quality

What are the Biddy hooks are made of and what load do they carry?

The Biddy pram hooks are made of high quality, hardened plastic and weigh about 30g. The material is robust and durable. A long operating life is guaranteed. The Velcro straps are 20cm long and fit all common pushchair bars and handles. Both hooks can carry together a weight of up to 13 pounds. A set contains two hooks.

How do I use the Biddy hooks?

The pushchair hooks can be easily mounted to any bar or handle. Thus, the are suitable for any pram or buggy. However, these universal hooks can as well used anywhere. Simply open the Velcro strap, place it around any bar or pole and push the strap through the fastening tab. Press the two sides of the straps together to prevent them openening and finally move the hooks into the correct position. They are immediately ready for use and can carry up to 6.5 pounds per hook.

Relief your shoulders and order now so that from tomorrow you will enjoy free hands with your little one

The Biddy baby hooks are delivered by Amazon, which has the advantage that you can benefit from fast and free shipping for AmazonPrime customers. If you are dissatisfied with our product, we will take it back and reimburse you as quickly as possible. As a German company fast, service-oriented customer support is very important to us.

Product Features

  • SIMPLIFY YOUR EVERYDAY LIFE: Do you enjoy to travel with your little one but you are irritated by the vast number of bags you need on the way? With the set of 2 BiddyBaby pram hooks your everyday and special trips will be more relaxed thanks to the bag clips! Thanks to the handy hooks you can easily hang your diaper bag, rucksack, hand bag or your purchases on your pushchair and you have your hands free.
  • DURABLE: The firm hooks are made out of high-quality, hardened plastic. The Velcro straps are hard-wearing and can be easily attached to any mount: You can attach them without problems to any bar or handle! The high quality finish guarantees a long operating life. Thus, the hooks are not only suitable during the baby-time. They can even be used beyond the toddler age. A small investment that pays off quickly.
  • EASILY MOUNTED: The hinge of the hook can be be rotated and pivoted 360° which means that it can be installed on any mount smoothly. Thanks to the Velcro straps you can mount the robust hooks on any popular stroller bar or handle. They can be even useful on your car’s headrest: Hang up your coat there or your children’s toys. This way they are always within reach and can not fall down.
  • USEFUL PUSHCHAIR ACCESSORY: These black universal hooks can be used on any common pram or buggy. Fix a Puky, scooter, balance bike or similar on the side. The multiple usage hooks are very resistant and can carry together a weight up to 13 pounds. A relief for fathers and mother who are on their own.
  • SAFETY THROUGH RELIEF: With children you often have to do things quickly. Bulky diaper bags, your own handbag and heavy grocery bags are cumbersome but necessary. Reduce your stress and relief your shoulders. The resistant hooks from BiddyBaby are the ideal little everyday helpers. They are suitable for any kind of bag and even backpacks can be transported this way problem-free. Your shoulders will thank you!

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