Bonmedico® Guardian Baby Pillow, anti-flat head syndrome (positional plagiocephaly) cranial reshaping / head positioning pillow with suffocation-preventing shape for healthy air flow and paediatric skull formation for use in pram/pushchair, bassinet, cot, changing table, made of 100% non-toxic, viscoelastic memory foam in cream, blue, or pink.

The Guardian Baby Pillow, developed by Bonmedico® especially for infants and babies ages 0-12 months, gently supports the naturally round shape of baby’s head by evenly distributing pressure against the skull, relieving pressure points, and allowing optimal airflow to help prevent SIDS (cot death). Babies’ heads develop rapidly in the first year of life. In this phase, the skull is still soft and can become deformed or flattened by pressure against a hard surface. Also called “positional plagiocephaly,” this asymmetric flattening of the back of the head is popularly known as flat head syndrome. Recent studies show that this unnatural change of the head shape occurs in almost 50% of all newborns. The Guardian Baby Pillow features preformed viscoelastic foam in a concave shape that cradles the head. This special material provides the necessary support to evenly distribute pressure and relieve pressure points on the back of the head. The pad is designed so that it not only helps maintain natural rounding of the head, but also encourages a healthy and safer sleeping position. Another fear of many parents is sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS / cot death). Sadly, this is still the leading cause of death for babies under 12 months. Paediatricians recommend putting babies to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS, which improves airflow and oxygenation and helps prevent suffocation. The special cotton fabric pillowcase greatly improves airflow compared with conventional baby pillows and thus helps prevent SIDS or cot death. The cotton pillowcase is removable and machine washable at 30°C (86°F) All materials used are non-toxic and certified to comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Product Features

  • SAFE: 1.) Viscoelastic memory foam filling and integrated head moulding help in the prevention of flat head syndrome. 2.) Breathable pillowcase allows the best possible airflow protection to help prevent SIDS (cot death).
  • NON-TOXIC: 100% baby-friendly materials. Oekotex 100 Class 1 certified safe for direct contact with baby skin. Filling consists of high-quality viscoelastic memory foam, cover made of cotton.
  • COMFORTABLE: The Guardian Baby Pillow evenly distributes pressure and reduces pressure points, correcting head position to allow your baby to sleep safely and comfortably.
  • FLEXIBLE / EASY TO USE: The Guardian Baby Pillow is also recommended for use in the pram or pushchair, bassinet, cot, or nappy changing table.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE AND HYGIENIC: Cover removable and machine washable (30°C / 86°F).

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