Clip on Fan, AngLink Mini Desk Fan Portable Rechargeable Battery Operated for Laptop Table Workout Baby Stroller Car Camping Home Office


Brand: AngLink

Battery Type: 18650 Lithium Battery

Battery Capacity:2200mAh

Working Time: 2.5-6 hours (depending on different fan speed)

Power Supply: 5V

Power Rating:3W(max speed), 1.5W(lowest speed), 2W(USB powered)

Low Noise: 40db

Max Motor Speed: 80r/s

Item Weight:270g

Packing Weight:375g

Item Dimension:18*14*9.7cm

Package Included:

1 x Battery operated clip on fan

1 x Rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery(2200mA)

1 x USB Cable


Suitable for baby pram, pushchair, crib, top bunk bed, truck, lorry, treadmill handle, motorhome, campervan, desk, wheelchair, office, bed headboard top, trip etc.

Product Features

  • 【2017 Newest Version】The appearance of the clip-on fan has been upgraded to optimize the fluid mechanics, so that the volume of air increased and the volume of noise is reduced. It looks so much sleeker than its previous model.Notice: For safety reasons,the battery of the fan will be charger only while the fan in the state of power-off.
  • 【Convenient and widely Use】Flat and clip-on double design. Portable fans with battery are easy to carry and can be placed anywhere you want to catch a cool breeze, This includes a baby stroller, offices, homes, laptops, cars, outdoors, camping, travel, gyms and more. It’s exquisite and unique design makes it perfect match with the environment.
  • 【High performance and Ultra silent】The desk fan comes with a powerful electric motor, small resistance force, running stability, no rust, more durable. Four gears to adjust the wind speed, Maximum wind speed up to 80ft/S. Ultra silent, Minimum approach 40 dB.
  • 【Lithium Battery or USB Interface As Power Supply】the mini usb fan comes with a high quality 18650 battery. Working time: 2.5-6 hours(Battery consumption varies depending on the wind speed),can also be used by the computer, power bank, USB charger.
  • 【Support 360 degree rotation】It is convenient to carry. Support 360 degree horizontal and vertical rotation,free of dead corner air supply. The appearance is made of ABS material, strong and durable, there is no need to worry about breaking down. We provide 12-month Worry-Free Warranty at AngLink.

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2 Responses to Clip on Fan, AngLink Mini Desk Fan Portable Rechargeable Battery Operated for Laptop Table Workout Baby Stroller Car Camping Home Office

  1. Sam. Surrey. says:

    Great little fans!!!! These are great little fans they do fit securely to my daughters cot and one on my sons cabin bed and they are fairly quiet to certainly not as loud as some fans. They rotate in any direction to so no matter where they clip on you can turn them round to feel the breeze. They do not seem to charge the second time round as powerful as when I first got them? However they are powerful enough for my children on very hot nights and they have helped keep the kids cool during hot nights recently…

  2. NormalneS says:

    Not quite 5 stars IMHO. Still decent though Bought this after all the rave reviews so I have to bring it down a peg or two!Some of the most obvious things that have jumped out at me over the past couple of days since receiving it:- The fan itself (blade diameter) is tiny, ~3.1in/~8cm, relative to the frame which is ~5+in- The frame, including the foot/clip, seems inordinately large considering the size of the blade – but I’m no aerodynamics expert- It’s noisy as heck – I’ve got my custom built PC next to me…