Coverover Active Comfort Boy – Pushchair blanket, rain poncho, stroller snuggler, child bike seat cover, stroller blanket all in one!

Use Coverover as a comfy lining for your child’s stroller with the top cover safely rolled up and stowed behind the back rest. Then just slip it over your little one’s head, even if they’re sleeping, and keep them snug. No need to even take their shoes off – dirty shoes can stay out or cold feet can be tucked in. Its non-bulky design and holes for a 5-point harness mean it can stay permanently attached to any stroller, even when folded. When used on a bike seat, you can be sure that your little one will stay wrapped up tight for the entire trip, no need to stop and rearrange. Coverover grows with your child. Its ergonomic and durable design has been customized for children aged from 18 months in strollers to 5 years on bike seat. Your coverover can even be spread flat like a blanket, for an impromtu picnic in the park. Designed to be used in all seasons, coverovers are especially practical in spring and autumn, when weather can be unpredictable and conditions frequently change. Wind- and rainproof, the high quality breathable softshell fabric prevents rain and snow soaking through while the soft fleece keeps your little one cosy without overheating.

Product Features

  • Coverover – the universal cover for a bike seat, stroller or sledge.
  • Fits vast majority of bike seats and strollers
  • Hood folded inside
  • Water resistant and breathable material

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