Emma & Noah Baby Play Mat, warm and softly padded, 120 x 120 cm, Patchwork Style, Ideal as Baby Blanket, Baby Quilt, Playmat, Padding for Crib

The Emma & Noah Baby Quilt – Perfect When Your Baby is Learning to Creep
When your baby is starting to crawl and creep and explore her environment, the Emma & Noah baby quilt is the perfect companion. It is richly padded and very soft, thereby keeping your baby warm on the floor. The silky soft and cosy fabric comforts your baby during his first exploration attempts. Due to its high quality manufacture, it is also robust and sturdy so that you and your baby can enjoy the baby quilt for a long time.

Easy to Wash and Ideal for Travel
The Emma & Noah baby quilt can be easily folded and stuffed into a bag or bottom of the pram, to use it anywhere: At home, on trips or in the garden — be it for creeping, cuddling or as play mat for toddlers and older children. If it gets dirty through frequent use, that’s no problem because the cute quilt fits in to every regular washing machine and can be washed at 40 °C. Voilà! It’s quickly clean and hygienic again.

Please note: The quilt is not prewashed. Please wash at 40 °C before first use.

Product Features

  • RICHLY PADDED, SILKY SOFT AND WARM: The Emma & Noah baby quilt is a thickly padded and soft blanket that can be spread out on the floor to keep your baby warm while she’s learning to creep and play (thickness: 2cm, cover: 100% cotton, filling: polyester)
  • LARGE YET PORTABLE: At a big size of 120 x 120 cm, the Emma & Noah baby quilt offers your baby a large space for crawling, creeping and exploring. At the same time, the soft quilt is easy to fold and carry with you anywhere
  • VERSATILE AND ROBUST: Ideal as baby mat, play pen / crib blanket as well as playmat for toddlers and older children. With its sturdy cotton fabric, this quilt is a long-lasting companion in a wide variety of situations
  • EASY TO WASH: The Emma & Noah baby quilt can be washed at 40°C and fits into all regular washing machines. Therefore it’s easy to wash, keeping it clean and hygienic. Please note: The quilt is not pre-washed, please wash before first use.
  • TRENDY DESIGN AND HIGH QUALITY MANUFATURE: With its carefully sewn patchwork style, the baby quilt is also a cute and trendy accessory for your child and in the living room

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