Flypro 360º Rotation Clip-on Mini Portable Battery Fan Personal Handheld USB Desktop Fan for Baby Stroller Home Office Outdoors Travel Camping (Green)

Clip-on Style ,Small and Portable ,Stepless speed regulation ,High quality and durable , Lightweight and low noise , Rechargeable Battery Powered ,USB powered and charging – 360° vertical and horizontal rotation 
When using the fan by battery, it can agjust the wind speed by roll the on-off button to the right randomly

Item Weight: 270g 
Packing Weight: 400g 
Item Dimension: 19*15*10cm 
Packing Dimension: 20*15.5*10.5cm 
Battery Type: 18650 Lithium Battery 
Battery Capacity: 2200mAh 
Battery Time: 2.5~6 Hours(depends on different speed) 
Changing Time: About 4.5 hours 
Input Voltage: 5V 
Output Voltage: 4~6V 
Output Current: 0.35~1A 
Power Rating: 3W(max speed), 1.5W(lowest speed), 2W(USB powered) 

1 There is only one speed when it is USB powered 
2 Please do not use the battery fan while in charging 
3 Please take the 18650 battery out during the USB mode 
4 Please turn off the fan and take out the battery if you do not use for a long time 

Package Included: 
1 x battery Fan 
1 x USB Cable 
1 x rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery 
1 x manual

Product Features

  • 360 degree rotation: it allows 360° vertical and horizontal rotation so you can set it wherever you like
  • Clip style: anything has a ledge like a table, a chair, a desk, a baby stroller or your tractor mower can be attached to by it.
  • Two operation modes: rechargeable lithium battery works up to 6.5 hours depending on different speed; USB cable offer various ways of charging
  • Unique and attractive design: light weight, small body, portable, low noise, strong wind power,stepless speed
  • Multi color options: four colors are available to meet different color preferences

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2 Responses to Flypro 360º Rotation Clip-on Mini Portable Battery Fan Personal Handheld USB Desktop Fan for Baby Stroller Home Office Outdoors Travel Camping (Green)

  1. Anonymous says:

    This fan is great for cooling an area without disturbing other parts of a room.The fans were originally used in Hospital to provide cooling during hot summer weather and having the clamping system proved fantastic and can be placed to direct the flow in any direction.Its also superb for Office or Workshop cooling, they give a nice air flow enough to cool without blasting at you.It is now employed in the house clamped to various surfaces as required. The clamps are cushioned so…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I received mini portable fan very quickly, enclosed are the detailed instructions booklet, USB cable and portable mini fan.I tried connecting the USB that goes with it into my laptop port for a quick charge, and it lights up, it is a sign that it’s charging.My seven-year-old son was enjoying watching the portable fan swirling.He seems wanted to put near to his computer just in case it gets hot or when he feels wanting to cool down because there were times in…