Flypro Mini Fan Portable USB Battery Desktop Fan for Baby Stroller Home Office Travel Outdoors Camping (Purple)

Item Weight:0.24kg
Packing Weight:360g 
Item Dimension: 20.5*13*14cm 
Packing Dimension: 21.5*13*14cm 
Battery Time: 1.5~2Hours(depends on different speed) 
Changing Time: About 4-5 hours 
Input Voltage: 5V 
Output Voltage: 3.5~3.9V 
Output Current: 0.5~1.5A 
Charging Current:500-600mA

1. Toggle switch .you can turn on/off the light
2. Insert the usb line at one end of the computer USB port for charging and power supply products.
3. Using the 110V-240V power adapter qualified for the product use and charging to lithium battery power supply(adapter output:5V)

Easy Step:
The first block switches,begin to work, the output voltage is about 3.5V
The second block switches,=begin to work, the output voltage is about 3.9V
Dial switch back, stop working, shut off the output
Do not put your fingers through the fan cover, pen or any other items, lest produce risk
Do not use near the open window, in order to avoid leaking or rain cause short circuit
It is forbidden to this product, the power cord and plug in the water or other liquid, don’t left near a hot object
Such as product power cord or plug is damaged , please do not use again, should be referred to a qualified expert repair
Discard the product, suggest cut off the power cord, other componts can produce dangerous to children also corresponding measures

Package Included: 
1 x battery Fan 
1 x USB Cable 
1 xrechargeable battery 

Product Features

  • Creative Design: Only the wind there is no sound
  • Multi-angle: swing left and right and it can be adjust up and down the pitch angle
  • Unique and attractive design: light weight, small body, portable, low noise, strong wind power,stepless speed
  • Multi color options: three colors are available to meet different color preferences

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One Response to Flypro Mini Fan Portable USB Battery Desktop Fan for Baby Stroller Home Office Travel Outdoors Camping (Purple)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great fan with strong motorThis Battery Operated Clip on Fan is such a great little fan! It comes with a rechargeable battery. This is a very well made powerful portable fan. It can be stood upright steadily on its large clip base or clipped securely onto fixtures. The fan has five blades that provide a reasonably good air movement even at the lowest speed and it does so quietly. It also comes with the USB cord that you can use to charge the battery up in the fan or to use the fan…