Fun Time Junior Driver Infant Steering Wheel

Budding Jenson Buttons can now get to grips with the Fun Time Junior Driver Steering Wheel. It’s got everything a little road hogs needs, including a steering wheel, clicking gear stick and squeaky horn. This brilliant preschool toy is also made of chunky, durable materials with no rough edges or sharp corners. Use the multi-clamp to attach the Junior Drivers set to cots, carry seats and a range of other surfaces. Specially designed to develop motor skills and imaginative play, the Junior Drivers set is always first over the line. An ideal gift for kids aged 12 months and up.

Product Features

  • For 12 Months +
  • Educational – Learn as they play
  • Develops hand & eye coordination
  • Multi Clamp – Attach to buggies, strollers, car seats, cots etc
  • Features: Turning steering wheel, Clicking gear stick & squeaky horn

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2 Responses to Fun Time Junior Driver Infant Steering Wheel

  1. Aaron's Mum says:

    Doesn’t work On the packaging it shows this fitting onto a high chair. Well it does not and like the other reviewer I can testify that it is too stiff to bend much.If you can get it to clasp the leg of the high chair which we could not, then it would not be able to reach the table and even if it did, it would only be attached (stiffly) on ONE side and would therefore fall off with one play. Something of this nature should either attach on both sides OR should attach to the table with suckers…

  2. A. Holliday says:

    Junior Driver