GreForest Starfish Baby Swaddle Pink Reindeer Flannel Sleeping Bag …

The newborn who leaves mother’s womb will often react with Moro reflex because of lacking the sense of security. The symptoms of Moro reflex are as follows: (1) suddenly shout to the baby (2) the baby feels the whereabouts
1.The sleeping bag creates a loose and comfortable environment for the baby, helping promoting baby’s sleep and reducing the startle reaction; swaddle your newborn baby so that she feels secure.
2. The Baby quilt is convenient for nursing: Baby bones are not fully developed and a new mother often worry about holding the baby too tightly—-this baby quilt can make it easy to hold up the infant, not worrying about the pressure to the baby’s hands and feet.
3. The swaddling clothes for the baby is a shelter from the wind which can also make it warm. A must have when going outside—-You can put swaddle in the baby cart to avoid the situation where the outside weather bring harm to the baby.
4. High quality flannel fabric, soft, no hurting to baby’s skin; can be used to wrap the baby after bathing to avoid her being cold.
5. Unique shape design, part from the traditional and complex method to wrap the baby: directly put the baby in the swaddling clothes–so simple to wrap your baby; beautiful and cute style will make your baby so cute and beautiful!
6. No Shrink; Thick and warm; Super soft; Breathable; Anti-pulling.
7.Cute starfish shape sleeping sack, five angles fit your baby arms, legs and head, keep them warm.
8. Easy to put on and off, baby can stretch out his hand by cuffs, accommodate a car seat or stroller safety strap and allow your baby to kick freely. We provide 365 day Money back Guranteen, Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! We are here for you!

Product Features

  • ☆Pentagram-shape infant quit and sleeping bag—- flannel material makes it warmer and more comfortable which cares baby’s delicate skin.
  • ☆Transformed to the star: baby wearing this swaddle with her hands and feet spread is so cute just like a star!
  • ☆Easy to put on and take off: there is no button or zipper but adopting overlap stitch, easy and safe to wear and takeoff.
  • ☆Hand opening intimate design: open it to make the little hands stretch out by cuffs;close it to prevent the baby from scratching his own; legs loose design allows your baby to kick freely.
  • ☆Easy to wash, no distortion, no fading; Perfect for summer air-conditioned room.

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One Response to GreForest Starfish Baby Swaddle Pink Reindeer Flannel Sleeping Bag …

  1. Anonymous says:

    CUTE !!! That’s the one word I use to describe this if I only had a choice of one word. It looks so cute on my nephew, it even looks cute when it’s not being worn.It’s well made and fits my little nephew quite well. The reindeer pictures are incredibly nice and the blue color used is a lovely bright shade. It’s also lovely and soft, so both the holder and the baby are kept comfortable and even warm all thanks to the fleece material that has been used to make this…