Hauck SPORT – strollers (Active, Single, Flat, Red, Inflatable, Swivel)

Hauck Shopperwagen Sport Tango/Caviar

Product Features

  • Hauck Shopper Sport Tango/Caviar

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2 Responses to Hauck SPORT – strollers (Active, Single, Flat, Red, Inflatable, Swivel)

  1. marty says:

    brillint puschair!!! we got this pushchair as we needed something small but still good quality to take on holidays, this pushcair is great! not like other cheap buggies it has a nice size shopping basket which is so handy! i love the fact that it is easy to stir with one hand just by tilting your wrist left or right, very helpful when you are talking on the phone as you can just keep walking! i took it for a long walk around the lake, like 40 min walk in not smooth terraine, stones, gravel, sand and mud and it did…

  2. SimonH says:

    A feather-light handy pushchair. We bought this to go on holiday with as it was on special offer from a highstreet retailer. I do have a few very minor grumbles;- the bar across the front feels a bit flimsy and I was amazed it survived the flight tbh.- the pivot point on the front wheels feels odd and as such it is a bit of a pain to turn, especially if you are trying to use one hand.- the rear break is really hard to take off as it is very stiff, I appreciate this could be a good thing, however in…