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Product Description

Kolamom clip-on baby stroller pram books are designed to spark the inspiration of a baby’s pre-enducational development. They have two different sides, one is for 0-6months newborn babies with its basic colors like black, white, red, green to develop their visual ability as growing. The other is for 6months + infants with its colorful 3D designed patterns to explore and perceive around.

With its washable and durable attributes, Kolamom soft crib book could bring the most comfort for a baby. Believe us, your baby will love this soft book. The fabric is extremely soft and great to touch. It can be easily hung onto the guard bars of a crib or stroller with its 2 unique big plastic clips to let your baby feel secure.

You worry about chewing issues on a paper book when you leave it to an infant, you worry about tearing issues when you are not able to keep an eye on a toddler,you don’t have to now with our clothes books, you deserve a better nursery with more time to sharing and playing with your children rather than picking up the pieces.

Material: Non-toxic cotton polyester
Package: Color Box
Package Size: 10.6×10.6×1.8inches (27x27x4.5cm) Weight: 5.6oz(160g)
Size: 5.5×33.5×0.7inches (14x85cm)
Recommended Ages: 0month +

Package Includes:
1x Kolamom Clip-On Baby Pram Carriage Crib Stroller Cloth Books

Product Features

  • [Easy to Attach] It can be fold up and taken away handily, you can place it in cribs, prams, bassinets, baby car seats, on the floor with its 2 unique plastic clips and band to ease your baby anytime anywhere.
  • [Both Sizes Work] One size is designed for 0-6months old baby, its customized black white red green colors turned out to be good for baby’s visual development. While the other size, with its 3D designed colorful patterns and inserted emery papers, is a helpful tool for 6months + baby to explore and perceive around.
  • [Safe n Chewable] We know baby get to explore the world by his/her hands and mouth, like chewing things around. Unlike traditional books, our cloth book is durable when it comes to chewing issue for baby, it’s made of non-toxic soft fabric instead of pigment and paper.
  • [Washable Fabrics] In addition to not having to worry about the chewing issue, you’ll have no more concerns on the wearing problems. With its strong stitching design, these cloth book won’t fade and hard to be ripped apart after machine/hand wash.
  • [Money Back Guarantee] – If you are not happy with your purchase due to any reasons, we’ll arrange a full refund with no questions asked. Now add it to cart!

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