KRY Baby 2PCS Stroller Hooks Anti-theft Lock Non-slip Metal Clip Hooks For Pram Cart Stroller Organiser Hanging Bag Holders Push-strength Test Load 38kg Safety Strong Hook


Material:Non-slip synthetic leather&Metal hook
Suit for:all Prams, Pushchairs, Buggies and Strollers

-Non-slip bar can be fixed better,not makes your bags slip.
-Heavy load test passed- bearing spindle,can bear your bags well.
-After our testing, hooks for hanging 38kg are no problem (we have not tested heavier items). The weight limit of 38 kg is decided on the weight of your baby carriage rather than the weight of the hook itself. If the hook hanging too heavy items, the baby carriages is relatively light, then the heavy items is often overturned from the back of the carriage for the great pressure, so we will limit the weight of 3 kg. If your baby carriage is heavy, or the car sitting on a more than 36 kilograms of baby, even if the hook hanging a little heavy items,it is still able to maintain balance. So the load-bearing and hook itself is not related to bearing capacity, but to see the quality of your baby carriage.


2PCS*Stroller Hanging Hooks

Product Features

  • Convenient method for attaching shopping bags and Attaches to any stroller handle bars!
  • High-quality and strong-Non-slip synthetic leather, metal hook
  • Hooks are spring-lock which discourages theft,safe
  • Package:2pcs stroller hooks
  • Easy to use, just clip and unclip

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