Little Sleepy Head Baby Swaddle Blanket Set – Teal Owls – 2 Pack

Swaddling is one of the wonderful secrets passed down from generation to generation to help babies fall asleep and stay asleep longer. When the blanket is wrapped around them in just the right way, it calms and soothes them. It is believed to recreate the feeling of being in the womb, where babies feel secure and safe. It also helps to prevent the baby’s startle reflex, which can often wake them from sweet slumber. Our delightful swaddle blankets are breathable, soft, and made of washable, pre-shrunk cotton. The material has natural give, and is the perfect size and weight to also be used as a tummy time blanket, a nursing cover, or even a burp cloth. Your swaddle blanket can be used to protect your baby from the sun, the cold, and the wind. Little Sleepy Head is proud to offer the highest quality swaddle blankets in the sweetest of prints and solids for your little bundle of joy.

Product Features

  • Little Sleepy Head is proud to present our high quality, adorable swaddle blanket sets, made to help your baby fall asleep better and stay asleep longer!
  • Prewashed, breathable and soft, our baby swaddle blanket sets make life easier for everyone, whether you are a new parent or an experienced one!
  • Double gauze creates the best muslin to swaddle, to give shade to the car seat & stroller, or to give privacy while breast feeding.
  • Large size (47″ X 47″) is perfect for newborns and older babies who like to be snug while sleeping.

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