Mosquito Net for Babies Fits Most Prams, Pushchairs, Bassinets, Car Seats, Buggies and Cots, Best Protection Against Insect Bites for Your Baby

It’s a jungle out there for your precious little one.

You never know what lurks behind the thick foliage

at your backyard or at your park. Even the insides

of your home won’t be enough to protect your baby

from harmful effects of mosquitos and other insect bites.  

It does not only leave nasty bite marks but it could also

be a cause of life-threatening diseases such as malaria,

dengue fever and lately the zika virus.


can provide you with the best natural protection there is.

Made of Quality Polyester fabric that is UNTREATED with

insecticides and other harmful chemicals so it is odorless and

totally safe to use. Carefully designed to give utmost protection

and comfort for your little nippers. It’s one-size, fits most baby

essential to accommodate most Bassinets, Car Seats, and

much more. Easy to use,  portable travel essential for kids.

Protection for your babies doesn’t have to be expensive.

The basic and practical way is often the best solution.

Product Features

  • NATURAL AND SAFE: Anti-mosquito netting that provides a natural and practical solution to repel all sorts of insects from your little ones. Creams and Lotion repellents are not safe for your infant’s sensitive skin, it may cause more harm than good. While some nets are treated with insecticides and chemicals in which can also be hazardous for your kiddos
  • PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIALS: Made of white micro net polyester fabric with elasticized edge that sets the mesh snugly and prevents from getting in contact with the child’s skin. The soft mesh allows fresh air to circulate freely letting a comfortable sleep for babies whilst screened flying and crawling insects
  • PORTABLE TRAVEL MUST-HAVE: Take precautions when outdoors or traveling to places that are hot and have high humidity level. This foldable, lightweight, and easy to store netting basically provides a strong barrier between your baby and disease-ridden mosquitoes like malaria. Relax! Have fun on your tropical holiday destination
  • FREE STROLLER HOLDER: Comes with a FREE stroller hook that virtually fits any prams or pushchairs to hang your personal bag or your baby’s. This way you can hold the stroller with both hands to easily manuever the it to whichever direction without the risk of tripping over
  • PERFECT GIFT: A perfect gift for someone you care for especially during summer when mosquitoes are most active. Staying indoors, using a fogger, and zapping them is not enough to guarantee that your little precious is protected. Show them how much you love them. Add to cart now

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