Mosquito Net for baby Strollers, Leegoal Car Seats, Bassinets and Carriers, High Density Baby Insect Netting, Ultra Fine Mesh Protection Against Mosquitoes

Why buy this netting?

  • This elastic net canopy can simply keep mosquitos bugs insects outside from your lovely baby and providing full protection without using mosquito repellent.
  • Avoiding bits when outside in anytime, espacially summer and evening when bugs anywhere. Fits 98% Stroller: It design with elastic which can be stretching out to 59IN. So it can fits most stroller

Package include:
1 x Mosquito Net for baby Strollers

Product Features

  • [COMPLETE CHILD PROTECTION]– The baby mosquito net offers 100% protection against mosquitoes, bugs, bees & flying insects. Its also perfect for protecting babies that are prone to insect bites allergies. The high-density insect net protects your precious against nasty insect bites allergies and disease
  • [PREMIUM QUALITY]– Made of an ultralight, durable & long lasting material, the insect netting for baby comes with a elasticized edging to hold it in place thus providing a big degree of adjustability. The ventilation holes compose a breathable weave that allows fresh air to circulate providing comfort both indoors & out
  • [NATURAL & SAFE PROTECTION FOR KIDS]– Anti-bug screen for outdoor travel & indoor use. Chemical-free repellent material and excellent breathability.
  • [CHILD PROTECTOR]– Our high quality mesh netting is guaranteed to keep your toddler safe and bite free from blackfly, midges and no-see-ums, naturally without having to resort to Deet or other chemicals
  • [CHEMICAL FREE]– No chemical repellents, which is best for sensitive children’s skin and better for the environment. If you have any questions or hesitation about this item, please feel free to contact us. We will always be there until your problem has been solved

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