Multipurpose Portable Baby Changing Mat: Foldable travel bassinet, Playpen & Storage

NAPPY CHANGING STATION Our wipe clean table top baby changer is super quick and easy to fold out then pack down – keeping you organised and prepared in the busiest of cafes or parks when it’s time to change your little one’s nappy. COMFY CRIB FOR SLEEPING On the move, we know how important it is to ensure that your child always has a quiet, dark and familiar space to get some sleep. Whether you are visiting friends or out for the day, don’t let baby miss naptime. LAB-CERTIFIED, SAFE PLAYPEN This multipurpose changing-mat-come-carry-cot also doubles as a playpen! Simply fold up the convertible bassinet sides and your boy or girl will have a contained, padded space to play and explore. Tested at the best laboratories, we’ve made sure it’s toddler proof and parent approved. BAGS OF STORAGE Carrying babies around is no light work. Thankfully, our our mat has plenty of pockets for you to stash all those dummies, wipes, toys, food and nappies cleanly out of sight! Complete with strong zips and 11 different roomy pouches. There’s even room to hold mom and dad’s stuff! UNIQUE LIFESTYLE DESIGN A 100% unique design, this versatile carry bag is super light, durable and easy to clean. With two adjustable side straps and a fitted buckle, it will clip onto pram and buggy handles, on the back of a carseat or even a shopping trolley so you can always keep it to hand. The quality materials are designed to last a lifetime.

Product Features

  • NAPPY CHANGING STATION: Stay prepared on the move with our easy, wipe clean table top baby changer, making a nappy change comfortable, safe and simple for parents
  • COMFY CRIB FOR SLEEPING: The Warming Wings SmartNest bassinet functions as a quiet and dark bed for your child to lay down and get some proper sleep during nap time
  • LAB-CERTIFIED SAFE PLAYPEN: Simply fold up the convertible bassinet sides for your boy or girl toddler to have a padded space to play and explore while staying safe and germ-free
  • BAGS OF STORAGE: Our multi-purpose travel accessory bag will neatly stash away all of your babies important items with 11 different smart zips and clips for food, bottles, wipes and more
  • UNIQUE LIFESTYLE DESIGN: This versatile carry bag with detachable shoulder strap is super light and durable; clip it to pram and buggy handles, on the back of a carseat or on a shopping trolley

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