MYC Yi Lian Mini Desk Fan Portable Handheld Powered by Rechargeable Battery or USB,Small Personal Electric Fan for Baby Stroller Home Office

Colour: Black;

Material: Plastic;

Product size: 19 * 15 * 10CM;

Color box size: 162 * 100 * 210MM;

Output voltage: DC 4V-6V;

Input voltage: DC 5V;

Output current: 0.35A-1A

battery model:/

Capacity: 18650 lithium battery (2200 mAh)
Standard accessories: fan host +70 cm pure copper USB data cable + 2200mAh rechargeable lithium battery 1 + manual + color box packaging
Features: Stepless speed, according to your needs to debug the appropriate amount of their own air; 4. 5W brushless motor industrial fan (6-inch), long life of wind; battery compartment for the removable structure, user-friendly maintenance And replace the battery; the international standard 18650/3.
7 V / 2200 MAH large capacity lithium battery to provide long use of time and strong power output; USB interface charging, charging time of about 3 hours. This fan does not use the battery, even the USB cable can also be side edge filling hair; product circuit board with overcharge and over discharge function, the use of more security, longer battery life;

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Product Features

  • ★ Color: black; Material: Plastic; Product Size: 19 * 15 * 10CM
  • ★ Unique and attraction design, has features of portability, green energy, environmental friendly, low power consumption, strong wind power.
  • ★ 360 DEGREE ADJUSTMENT: With this usb desk fans, we design it to 360 degree adjustment, you can fix this usb fans by using this clip, and then you can adjust the angle as your wishes, easy and convenient.
  • ★ This fan is a great innovation, it is not only that it also doubles as a rechargeable spring clip so you can clip it to the fans something to get in a perfect position base. Add the fact that you can completely control the fan speed and dial-up so that you get exactly what you want to correct airflow. This makes full use of this fan with two quotes charged battery operating time provided fully portable – 6 hours depending on the fan speed.
  • ★ In the box, you will get a fan, and a manual charging wire slightly longer. Before charging fans attempt to deceive is to open the battery compartment to remove the plastic insulation sheet, which is to stop battery discharge. Oh.

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