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With clumsy thick gloves in cold winter strollers while taking care of the baby is particularly convenient, so a lot of travel, mothers would not wear gloves so cold hands in the cold weather is inevitable, but baby don\’t like to touch mother cold hands.
Warmest Gift For Mummy!!
Material: waterproof cloth and velboa
Size: 53*25cm
Color: Black
Package Include:

Product Features

  • This product in the cart position on the beam keep warm hand drum.
  • Adopted has excellent waterproof effect of snort thickening of plush material.
  • With such gloves, mothers don’t have to worry about with the baby is out in the cold winter.
  • When to do other things or with a baby in her arms, hands can draw out immediately, very convenient.
  • Keep your hand warm and dry while walk with baby stroller in bad weather. Especially in cold region.

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