POP-ON Baby / Toddler Blanket in Soft Cuddle Fleece for Buggy Pushchair and Car Seat (0-3 yrs) BLUE TEDS

POP-ONs are lightweight cosy fleece blankets with sleeves which can be put on and off easily over harnesses and can fit over jackets if necessary. They have a back Velcro fastening which keeps them securely in place, whilst the sides are tucked around and the feet are kept warm and snug in the foot pocket. Whether babies and toddlers are travelling by car, train or plane, or simply going for a trip in their buggy, a POP-ON is a quick and easy way to ensure they are kept warm and snug yet still able to stretch their arms and play with their toys. Useful for snuggle up times on the sofa for story telling or nap times. When not needed, the can be quickly folded to make a useful cushion. POP-ON blankets are manufactured by Cozie Warmers

Product Features

  • POP-ONs have sleeves which allows kids to have fun and play with toys whilst in buggies and car seats
  • Inside foot pocket to keep tiny toes warm and snug
  • Useful front pocket with ribbon tags for visual stimulation and play – also useful for attaching small toys
  • Sleeve ends can be folded over to keep hands warm on cold days
  • Fit over harnesses making them quick and easy to put on and off. Back velcro fastening keeps POP-ON securely in place

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2 Responses to POP-ON Baby / Toddler Blanket in Soft Cuddle Fleece for Buggy Pushchair and Car Seat (0-3 yrs) BLUE TEDS

  1. Jo says:

    genius design, and beautiful quality i have just received these for my two little ones, clearly designed by a clever mummy who understands the issues parents have! the best thing about them is that you can safely put the baby/child in the car seat in their normal clothes and do the straps up nice and tight and then put this on over the top to keep them warm as it is dangerous to put a coat on under the carseat straps. they are lovely quality, wash well and have the tags round the front pocket which mine love to fiddle with! the…

  2. Kerry says: