PREMIUM BABY STROLLER MOSQUITO NET by EVEN Naturals, fits most Strollers, Carriers, Car Seats & Cradles, Gift Bag & eBook, Soft Durable Insect Netting Fly Screen Protection 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

‘Knowing the bugs can’t eat my baby, makes me so happy!’ | ‘Outside the net, eaten alive, inside the net NO mosquitoes or any other insects!’ | ‘Allow my baby a peaceful sleep without being eaten alive. No chemicals on the skin. Who wouldn’t love that?’

EVEN Naturals® Mosquito Nets allow your baby to get a rest – insect free! Wherever you go with your baby, rest assured that the handcrafted, durable fabric will keep even the smallest bugs away, giving your baby a more peaceful sleep or walk. The multi-filament polyester fabric is REACH compliant, and not treated with DEET or any other toxic chemical making it 100% eco-friendly. Each net is handcrafted and reinforced on the areas that typically receive the most wear, making it long lasting and more durable than any other net on the market.

EVEN Naturals® Mosquito Nets are the ideal size for covering strollers, carriers, cradles, car seats, bassinets, all the way up to some playpens and pack’n’plays. As a bonus, we include a free carry pouch for easy and convenient storage of your net and a free eBook loaded with tips and tricks.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all original EVEN Naturals® products. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, simply contact us.

Whether you need a gift for a newborn baby, or looking for extra protection of your own child, the EVEN Naturals® Mosquito Net is the number 1. Buy yours today, and experience the EVEN Naturals® difference!

Product Features

  • PROTECT YOUR CHILD THE NATURAL WAY: This Net gives your baby great protection against the tiniest mosquitos and insects. No bug spray needed on the skin of your child. You can relax knowing the extra fine mesh (225 holes/inch2) and non-impregnated fabric serve as a natural mosquito repellent and allow good air circulation. Also a great help while travelling.
  • HAPPY BABY, HAPPY PARENTS: The summer is coming and this Mosquito Net is a Must-Have; it keeps your child from being eaten alive! Our Customers say: ‘I love it: it keeps the bugs out and allows fresh air in’ – ‘My baby is prone to insect bites allergies, so this is a life saver’ – ‘Even Naturals is a longtime number 1 in mosquito nets. I trust this company’ – ‘Perfect: It is soft, lightweight and machine washable’.
  • BECAUSE YOUR CHILD DESERVES THE BEST: Pleasant scent, soft, stretchy & strong netting for maximum durability and resistance against bursting. Don’t be fooled by lower prices that compromise quality! All EVEN Naturals® Mosquito Nets are handcrafted from 100% multi-filament polyester REACH compliant materials, making them 100% eco-friendly and safe for your baby.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE WITH PERFECT FIT: The size (44×48 inch) & shape is tested on over 100 baby strollers, carriers, cradles, car seats and other devices. The SIMPLE SETUP SYSTEM® and premium quality elastic band make it even more simple to hold it in place and put it on and off your stroller, carrier or other device. The perfect GIFT for newborns and toddlers, with a nice carry bag. Additionally, when you order this net, a portion of the profits goes to charity.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. All EVEN Naturals® products come with a 1 month guarantee: if you experience ANY problems with your Mosquito Net, we refund your entire purchase instantly. Buy now RISK FREE today and experience the EVEN Naturals® difference!

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