Slumbersac Bamboo Toddler Sleeping Bag with Feet approx. 2.5 Tog – Dinosaur- 24-36 months

Our new Slumbersac bamboo sleep sacks with feet are just like standard gro bags, but with openings for your child’s feet! They’re great for helping your child as they learn to walk and explore their world for the first time. They are designed in a way that the feet of the child fit inside the sleep bag when sleeping. Slumbersac bamboo baby sleeping bags with feet come in four sizes from 12 months to 4 years. Made of Bamboo cotton our new sleeping bags with feet are exceptionally soft and silky. Bamboo cotton is remarkably breathable. In the heat, bamboo is naturally cool to the touch. The cross-section of the bamboo fibre is filled with various micro-gaps and micro-holes. It is excellent at moisture absorption and ventilation. It’s also very warm in cold weather, because of the same micro structure. Bamboo is a sustainable natural fabric. It is fast growing and requires no pesticides. it can grow up to 20 metres in just 45-60 days. What’s more, it regenerates itself after harvesting and, as it grows in tropical areas with natural rainfall, it needs no extra irrigation. You have a choice of three weights. The summer weight (approx. 1.0 tog) is used in warm weather and suitable for room temperatures between 18 and 24 degrees, the standard weight (approx. 2.5 tog) grobag is recommended for year round use and room temperatures between 15-21 degrees, and the winter weight sleepsack with long sleeves (approx. 3.5 tog) is suitable for cold weather and room temperatures below 18 degrees. With our new sleeping bags with feet, toddlers can enjoy the comfort of their sleeping bag while still being able to move about safe and freely. So you can get your little one into their sleeping bag with legs and ready for bed nice and early, and they can still play until you’re ready to put them down! Likewise in the morning, they can run around happily in their sleep sack until it’s time to get ready.

Product Features

  • Toddler sleeping bag with feet – standard weight approx. 2.5 tog for general use throughout the year, ideal for room temperatures of 15 – 21 degrees. Bamboo cotton sleeping bag with Dinosaur embroidery
  • Your child can walk around safely in this sleeping bag when awake and feet can be put inside the sleeping bag during sleep time
  • Size: 100cm/suitable for children 24-36 mth
  • Outer/Lining: 67% Viscose from Bamboo/29% Cotton, 4% Elastane, Padding: quick-dry soft Polyester Fleece
  • Easy care – machine wash at 40 degrees and low heat tumble dry.

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