Stroller Fact and Tips: Choosing Perfect Stroller for Your Baby

Stroller Fact and Tips – Choosing Perfect Stroller for Your Baby

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Did you know the first strollers appeared during the early 1700s? During this time having a stroller meant you enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle. Most citizens then used their stroller or ‘buggy’ to carry around and show off the newest member of their family. While many parents still use a stroller to show off their babies today, you don’t have to be a member of the aristocracy to own a stroller. Even better, most of today’s strollers are lightweight and convenient to transport from one place to another.

Important Stroller Terms – If you plan to buy a stroller in the near future, there are some important stroller terms you should familiarize yourself with. These will help you during the selection process. Some important terms include:
•Five-point harness – this is a harness that secures not only at the lap, but also over your child’s shoulders. A three-point harness fastens at your child’s lap, much like a traditional seat belt would. While both are an important safety feature for any stroller, a five-point harness is considered a safer choice.
•All terrain wheels – these wheels, unlike their plastic counterparts, resemble ordinary bike tires. They are normally much lager than traditional stroller tires. Most jogger or exercise strollers have all terrain wheels. Some carriages also have them. They are an excellent choice if you plan to walk or jog your baby over gravel or other less than smooth terrain.
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