TALINU 100% cotton newborn baby blanket knitted in a white cellular pattern comes gift wrapped in a ribbon | 2 year satisfaction guarantee | super soft baby comforter, washable infant bedding, natural unisex baby afghan makes the perfect present

talinu new-born blanket
The talinu new-born blanket may be put to various uses, for instance in strollers, carrycots, car seats, the crib and many more and will make the baby sleep tightly and calmly.

• Premium quality: High-quality and solely natural materials in combination with excellent workmanship make the talinu new-born blanket an exclusive product.
• Durability: talinu newborn baby blanket is made for everyday use in all situations
• Perfect size: The blanket is big enough to swaddle your baby and to tuck it in
• Breathable: The new-born blanket by the brand talinu is breathable; helps the baby not to sweat
• Washable: It is easily possible to wash the blanket at 30°C
• Ideal for swaddling: The blanket is ideal to swaddle your baby – as this blanket is flexible but firm
• Measurements: 70 cm x 90 cm
• Customer satisfaction guarantee: As we believe in our product, the talinu new-born blanket, for each purchase, our customers will receive a satisfaction guarantee of 2 years

Why products by talinu?
• Well-known brand and an expert in the segment of nursey accessories and bedding
• High level of customer satisfaction: 100 % positive feedback in customer service, product reviews are reaching an average of 4 to 5 stars

Product Features

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The talinu children’s blanket is made of 100% soft and cosy cotton. The blanket will be delivered with a bow which also makes it perfect as a gift.
  • LIGHT & BREATHABLE: This baby blanket is light and supports the exchange of oxygen, which obviates the sweating of the baby
  • EASY CARE: The new-born blanket by talinu can be washed at 30°C to keep it clean and hygienic.
  • ANTI-ALLERGEN: Because of the natural materials, the cuddly new-born blanket by talinu is also suitable for sufferers of allergies
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: The talinu new-born blanket is a product we believe in, which is why we will give all our customers a satisfaction guarantee of 2 years.

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