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You have to only be warned the they are not too difficult to do Belädt (less than 3 kg), so if you turn the children’s Rausnimmt, or even when the child is not the weight, the risk is the law of the pushchair thanks to load weight tilting backwards.
They can be positioned both before as well as back, as well as of turning the its own axis. This is very handy for when you want to the car in and this won’t disturb others.
– Handle Design: To The Velcro fastener experience, but also provide unbeatable 360 degree hooks are the Talinu hooks can be used flexibly onto pushchair, cot, buggy, wheelchair and much more.
– Robust: Extremely high quality fabric and functional design make the stroller hooks durable and hard wearing
– Long lifespan, its service time: the stroller hooks are designed for a particularly long term use
– Size (Height x Width x Depth): hooks approx. 5 inch) diameter when arranged. Velcro strap: approx. 19.8 cm x 2.5 cm
– Ideal present: to seen attention for birth of a child
How do I use the stroller hooks?
The pram hooks are easy to attach to any tube. But be removed without leaving any universal hooks the hooks are Pram or stroller, you can also in the car, or to any other standard grab rails. To open if you would like us to do so, put it to the pole and hook and loop threadable the tape with the attachment flap over the top of the bag. Press the band with different Velcro sides together tightly, so that the holder does not open. Place the hook on the right position. The hooks are fully chipped and ready to use and can be loaded with up to a load capacity of up to 6 kg.

Product Features

  • These hooks are not only practical and easy to attach on the handlebars of the pram. They are also very robust, and the opening is far enough so you can take away from pockets or other items quickly and for easy installation or again.
  • The hooks can be with touch and close fastener to the handles of the pram. Assuming you can be installed at any pram. It’s are movable and flexible, it is also a very quick and easy installation.The hooks are stable and strong, wear can be heavy bags.
  • They can be with a velcro fastening individually setting and fitting. The Velcro fastening makes it also very strong, therefore the weight to keep it has a range. The hooks are also large size so you can also wider Sachen hanging.
  • It can also all other possible within the hooks hang up, not just the changing bag – Things you can carry it shopping bags or as a hanging hooks for a children’s jacket another advantage is that the hook is again have a swivel, also can also be adjusted in all directions.
  • Right when you need to waterproof under a baby buggy, etc, is a frequent’t really with ample room for shopping. So you need to the freedom to bags suspended and not trolling and using just one hand in your buggy can have.

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