Universal stroller hooks 2pcs – suitable for all strollers, buggys, prams, pushchairs

This brace of double hooks for pushchairs allows the attachment of shopping bags, bags, handbags and diaper bags. The flexible velcro adjusts the handles of most available strollers. The rotatable hook permit alignment of the pockets. Moreover, the hooks may be used in many other situations . In motor vehicle interiors, at wheelchairs and rollators the hook also supplies valuable services.

Product Features

  • Highly flexible: The velcro allows the attachment of the hook on pipes with a diameter between 15 and 40 mm. Thus, the hooks are compatible with almost all strollers. In addition, the individual hooks can be rotated independently of each other, so that an optimum alignment of the bag can be achieved.
  • Extremely stable: The hooks are made of sturdy plastic. Even heavy bags up to 5kg are no problem (Attention: Avoid tilting the pram / buggy!)
  • Combinable: Bags with long handles or straps can get very close to the ground depending on the stroller height. In such cases, the bags can be stretched over both hooks so they are significantly higher from the ground.

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