Webeauty® 3 in 1 Baby Travel Bassinet / Diaper Bags & Portable Crib Bed For Newborns, Infants, Boys ,Girls- baby nursery bed for traveling (Gray)

Mom and Dad will love a all in one functional bag for all baby’s needs on your vacation, or even just a trip to the mall.
The travel bassinet measures 30×15.5×7.5 Inches/75*40*20CM open, making it appropriate for babies 0-12 months old. The bed folds together easily, also easy to carry away on the road. Instruction for using
Converting diaper bag to bassinet.
1. If attached, Unfasten carry strap at the clips and store in a bag pocket.
2. Unfasten the clips at the base of the bag.
3. Fold bag out flat with pocket sides facing up.
4. Separate the centre of the bag (Velcro) and pull left and right sides apart.
5. Lift the flaps at each end of the bag and fold the stabilizer panels of the mattress underneath, fasten the velcro tabs to secure.
Converting the baby travel bag from bassinet to change station.
1. Unzip the bottom flap and stabilizer panel and fold away underneath the mattress.
Converting the baby travel bag from bassinet/change station back to diaper bag.
1. Unfasten the end flaps of the bag and fold the stabilizer panels to the mattress.
2. Fold the pocket sides to the centre and secure the velcro.
3. Fold the two halves of the bag together and secure with the clips at the base of bag.
4. Re attach carry strap.

Product Features

  • 3-in-1:This easy to carry bag combines a traditional diaper bag with a portable bassinet and change table!
  • No need for big bulky playpen, folds up easily, with perfect stroller straps. Complete Baby Station – Carry everything baby needs in one bag, diapers, wipes, pacifier, blanket
  • This durable bassinet provides your baby with a safe, sturdy and comfortable place for your baby to sleep anywhere you go
  • High quality materials(more comfortable inside than others):The bassinet bag has sturdy construction with slim mattress base, so baby can have a comfortable sleep! A great gift for a baby shower
  • Versatile: Convenient to take on vacation or just out for the day. Easy to fold away bed and change station to store at Grandma’s house!

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