Welltop 360 Degree Rotation Clip on Fan Portable Mute PC Laptop Desktop Fan USB Cooler Electronic Cooling Fan Baby Stroller Clip on Fan Powered By USB or 18650 Battery (black)

Specification: 1. Type: 360 Degree Rotation Clip on Mini Fan 2. Gear adjustment:stepless adjustment 3. Input voltage:DC 5V 4. Output voltage:DC4V-6V 5. Output current:0.35A-1A 6. 18650 Battery voltage:3.7V 7. Battery capacity:2200mah 8. Wind power at 1M:>2.5m/s 9. Effective distance:>2m 10. Power supply:USB/18650 2200mah Lithium battery(included) 11. Dimensions:190×150×100mm 12. Weight:270g Battery precautions: – Please follow the instruction to operate the product.  – Please take battery out when not use. – Do not mix old battery and new battery or different type of batteries to use. – Do not charge for the ordinary battery. – Alkaline batteries are recommended; Please distinguish the negative and positive. – This product use 18650 flat head battery. Attention: ★ As the built-in battery will self discharge when not in use, please charge the battery 5 hours before you first use. Package Contents: 1 x Welltop 360 Degree Rotation Clip on Fan 1 x 18650 2200mah rechargeable battery 1 x USB charge cable 1 x User’s Manual Welcome to our store, may you have a pleasant shopping experience! Our products have been well tested, examined and packaged before sending off. Any problem please feel free to contact us first so that we can supply the best service for you. 

Product Features

  • Unique design, creative style, made of high-quality ABS, has a solid structure and pressure-resistant. Safe to us. The advanced power management technology provides a variety of power supply. Use USB directly or battery-powered.
  • With clip on the bottom, can be use in anywhere you want. Best to clip on the baby stroller. The middle part and the blades can rotate by 360 degrees without dead ends.
  • Be free to turn down or turn up air volume with the stepless speed technology. Efficient power and conversion circuitry can minimize the loss to save energy and protect environment.
  • Double-sided layout and SMT manufacturing process make the performance more stable and reliable. 18650 international standard high-capacity battery provides long life and strong power output.
  • NOTE: please remove the insulating strip around the battery before use. And fully charged the battery when firstly use.

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3 Responses to Welltop 360 Degree Rotation Clip on Fan Portable Mute PC Laptop Desktop Fan USB Cooler Electronic Cooling Fan Baby Stroller Clip on Fan Powered By USB or 18650 Battery (black)

  1. Johnny P. says:

    Cool fan, bigger than I expected it to be Cool fan, bigger than I expected it to be. I like that it can be rotated at 360 degrees and it can also be adjusted backward and forward. The airflow is really strong when set to maximum, but it can also be adjusted to a lower speed using the adjuster at the back of the fan. The blades are made of plastic and are masked inside a protective plastic cage, in order to prevent accidental injury, especially to small children.The fan can simply be placed on a desk, or any flat surface, or…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This little fan puts out a lot of power for its small size. I love that it comes with a battery and can be plugged in using USB charger. It comes with a clip so you can clip it onto something. It has a dial for the power and speed of the fan for lower and higher. I like the pink color but my son is the one who mostly uses it so color really doesn’t matter to him.The clip is very strong and keeps it in place and it turns 360 degrees so whichever way you clip it you can have it facing…

  3. Anonymous says:

    The product was supplied by the seller in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.This is a really well designed portable fan. Its ideal for kids, and ideal for travelling, or for using at home at night or day.The fan is powered by a rechargeable battery, which can be charged whilst using the fan. Oddly enough, when the fan is plugged in and charging, it operates at a slower speed. But it’s still good enough to keep you cool at night for example. Without…